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The co-founders of Kohbee, a creator SaaS platform, have come a long way in finding their product-market fit as a SaaS business. The business started as a solution to combat lower learning outcomes in education as the world shifted to remote learning. As scaling became a challenge, the business pivoted into a SaaS platform for teachers. Realizing a lack of market need in the space, Kohbee, as it known today, became an end-to-end platform for digital creators, helping them build their websites in 60 seconds, and sell their own courses, workshops, and content libraries.


The case study will serve as a deep insight into the minds of young founders who are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, yet face trouble building something that the market really needs. It will provide a perspective on what it takes to build a solution that truly resonates within a community, and how creating an impact is an ever-continuing process.


The intended audience for this case are:

  • Developers who aspire to build a SaaS product
  • Founders who are building for the creator economy
  • Undergraduate/MBA students who wish to understand why startups fail or succeed

Facing problems when scaling, pivoting, and finding PMF as a startup

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  • The case study will contain the following contents:

    1) When the co-founders quit their jobs to build a startup.

    2) Why Kohbee started as an Ed-tech firm and why they pivoted from it.

    3) What problem did Kohbee face even after a pivot?

    4) A big realization - leading to a second pivot of the startup.

    5) Aha moment! Finding the product-market fit.

    6) Acheiving growth, at scale.

  • If you are a college student, short on funds to spare, we get you, and we are here to help! Email us at with a valid college ID card and receive a copy of the case study in your inbox for free.

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