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A lot of founders need to ask themselves - Am I solving an antibiotic problem, or a vitamin one? Antibiotics are a need, vitamins are just nice to have. Finding an burning problem, and solving it with a working antiobiotic is the antidote to a startup's success. However, its not as easy as it sounds.


Navigate through the journey of EngageBud, an e-commerce integration tool that is gamifying lead generation for D2C consumer brands. They are still finding their customers' burning problems, and are much closer to finding it than when they started. How did they sustain themselves so far, what are they doing to find their product-market fit, read the case study to find out.


The intended audiences for the case are:

  • Advertising professionals who wish to learn authentic ways to engage users
  • SaaS founders who are early in their journey and wish to learn from those who've been in their shoes
  • Ungraduate/MBA students who wish to uncover a startup's journey, including how to get started.

Disruptive ideas, initial traction, and solving real pain points as a startup

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  • The case study has the following contents:

    1) Your first product can be totally different than what the market accepts.

    2) A large vision is the key to finding burning problems.

    3) How to enter a B2B market where trust is so essential?

    4) Raise funds less for the money, more for the learnings and guidance.

    5) What to do before you even start building the product?


  • If you are a college student, short on funds to spare, we get you, and we are here to help! Email us at with a valid college ID card and receive a copy of the case study in your inbox for free.

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