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Spirited Away Full Movie English Subtitle Download For Moviesl ((LINK))

I have been disappointed by the poor quality of Sentai's products vis-a-vis the fansubs of series such as Samurai Harem and Special A, both of which I bought. The same applies to Bandai's release of Kannagi, and I am holding off on buying the flawed release of Toradora!. In those cases, I consider the fansubs to be far superior. However, Funimation really outdid itself with its release of FMAB Bluray Part 1. Not only were the subtitles sub-par (compared, for example, to Eclipse's fansubs), but the subtitles were not even selectable. There was a choice between English audio with NO subtitles and Japanese audio with FULL subtitles. No English audio with full subtitles for the hearing-impaired (such as myself). No Japanese audio with no subtitles for those who are comfortable enough with the language. And no songs and signs subtitles for either audio track. I didn't download or buy the dvds for comparison, but dvds for years have had selectable subtitle capability. Why would ANYONE release a crippled bluray without that flexibility?

Spirited Away Full Movie English Subtitle Download For Moviesl

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