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Halo Legends

I feel like, while there are many little things in Halo Legends that I don't like (mostly aesthetic or the horrible Odd One Out), I like the collection. My least favorites would be Odd One Out and the Package due to lore inconsistencies. I feel like many of the issues you guys have with Legends is a lack of knowledge of basic halo lore (covered in the games or in The Fall of Reach book). I feel that, due to this lack of halo knowledge (not even playing through the main games) leaves you outside of the target audience and therefore invalidates some of the criticisms. However, that is my humble opinion. Thank you for taking time to view this obscure Halo anime and giving me a reason to write long essay comments

Halo Legends

For the Babysitter, I like this one as well. Your criticism of not knowing the pre-existing grudge of ODSTs and Spartans is another point that is limited by your lack of knowledge of halo lore. 343 is known for doing things like this, but I think for an animation like this it should be fine because the target audience for this are lore and story fans of the series. Unfortunately this philosophy extends to the games (Halo 4 with the Didact).

As someone who is familiar with halo lore and has been a fan of it for sometime, I liked most of Halo Legends. I liked Origins because it showed us the first on-screen appearance of a Forerunner and serves as a good overview of Halo's history, except for the second half because there are inconsistencies with the established lore (only the Elites allied with humanity). I agree that the art style did not work in The Duel, but I like the story it tells. Homecoming is one of my favorite stories in the collection. I think many of your criticisms come from the complete lack of knowledge of even the most basic of Halo lore (Spartans being kidnapped children). I did not like Odd One Out because it seems rather stupid, it does not gel with any lore, and seems more like a Dragon Ball Parody than anything else. Whenever I rewatch Legends I can't help but skip Odd One Out because it is absurd and rather dumb. 041b061a72


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