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5 Kalima In Tamil Pdf 28 ##BEST##

The Kalima help us remember Allah in our daily prayers, and it also helps us to follow the Prophets teachings in general. La illaha il Allah, Muhammadun Rasool Allah means that there is no god except Allah, and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

5 kalima in tamil pdf 28

Kalimat e Rasool e Allah means that Jesus is the Messenger of Allah. Kalima e Muhammadun Rasool e Allah means that Prophet Muhammad is the greatest prophet in the history of mankind. Everyone who knows the Kalimat will have peace in their hearts and no fear of Allah. The Kalima e Rasool e Allah is the most important Kalimat we must pray when we read the Kalimat prayers and there are many benefits for us.

Kalima means in Tamil is Kalvi and in Urdu it is Kalim. Kalim is a form of Kursi, which means cupboard or chest. Kalim is the word used in Urdu, Persian, Hindi and Arabic to denote a place of prostration. Kalima matric or Kalima 11th standard are terms which refer to daily prayers in school in the Hindi language.

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