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How to Download and Install Psiphon Proxy Blue in Minutes

The main purpose of this software is to circumvent censorship. It does not boast privacy or anti-surveillance, if you prefer a service that provides more anonymity when surfing the web, you should try downloading the free program Tor or the Surf Anonymous Free proxy. These apps will hide your IP address and ensure privacy. There are also superior paid VPNs like NordVPN, which may better fit your needs.

psiphon proxy download blue

Simply click on the start button at the top left corner (big blue button). The addon will look for a free proxy (socks5 ip & port combination) via a free JavaScript API call. Currently it uses "getproxylist", "gimmeproxy" and "pubproxy" APIs. Once a free proxy is returned it checks whether the new proxy is working or not. If the new socks5 proxy is working properly, it applies it to the browser proxy setting.

I found a solution. I used proxycap to redirect Bluestacks through proxy (even with LDAP). You have to download and install the application, set your proxy and create a new rule for HD-Network.exe (found under Bluestack directory in %Program_Files%). It worked for me.

Psiphon Pro Mod Apk is a very secure and safe application and you will face no issues at all because it is a super optimized and high protocols application. Psiphon Pro Mod Apk has been downloaded by so many people from all over the world and if you are also interested in getting a VPN proxy then you should definitely consider using this application.

Psiphon Pro- The Internet Freedom VPN does the same things. It has plenty of online proxy servers. Connect with any of them and start browsing anonymously. Psiphon pro app gives you military-grade protection. So you can download & install the apk file of this android app without any tension.

In Psiphon Pro Mod Apk you will face no issue related to speed because this application has a great optimisation which will save you from any type of loading or lagging issues and you can access many websites without seeing any loading window. The website will open more quickly as compared to the way they open when they are not used by VPN proxy. Most of the VPN proxies have slow downloading and the users feel very annoyed so this application will also save you here.


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