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How to Get the Best Performance from Your VIA VT6212L 5-Port USB 2.0 PCI Card and USB Devices

i have a via vt6212le (pci) board installed in a desktop pc. i have windows vista home premium installed on this machine. i want to add an usb-uart card. i have searched the web and downloaded the drivers from . when i plug the new card into the pc, the pc says: "[[status: 00]/[status: 00]].

via vt6212l 5-port usb 2.0 pci card driver download

if it is detected by windows, there is probably a problem with the pci-usb card. if this is the case, you can disable it by going to the device manager under "devices" and then right click the via vt6212lenter the e-mail address of the recipient add your own personal message:

this is a sign of a hardware problem with the via chipset. the card may be damaged. you can try to download the driver from the following link. vectro vt6212lenter the e-mail address of the recipient add your own personal message:

the via vt6212l usb device works with the following operating systems: windows xp, windows vista, windows 7, windows 2000, mac os x (10.4 and up) and linux. the installation of the driver is simple. just follow the instructions and you will be ready to go.

these drivers are not meant for production. they are for testing purposes only. this package contains the latest driver for the via vt6212l. if you do not have the drivers disk for your system you can still download the drivers that you need from the dell download site accessible from the download link at the top of this screen. click here to review our site terms of use. did this solve your problem do you get any error messages while connecting any usb devices to your computer or in device manager text format comments plain text.


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