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[S3E12] Fight The Power LINK

Jordan comes to the Crenshaw football field to meet Spencer. Spencer tells him that his life is worth it and that he needs to fight for it. Jordan wants Spencer to train him. Spencer says no, but then agrees.

[S3E12] Fight the Power

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  • The leak of Tamika Pratt's police video ignites backlash against both Laura and the cops. On top of this, the Bakers also deal with attempting to annul Jordan's marriage to Simone, whose relationship with Jordan has become strained since his injury. Meanwhile, Spencer comes up with an idea to honor Tamika at the final football game before playoffs.Tropes featured in this episode: An Aesop: Don't poke in on problems unless you know all the details.

  • Grounded Forever: While not stated outright, Laura's grounding of Olivia is certainly meant to be this.

  • My God, What Have I Done?: Olivia has this reaction upon learning what her mother originally intended to do with the case, and the fallout of the video leak to the family.

  • My Own Private "I Do": Tina thinks that her daughter's secret wedding amounts to this, and wants to host a proper wedding.

  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Laura actually had been planning to convict the officers responsible for Tamika's murder, but the video leak causes her to be no longer trusted by the police, while the community now brand her as being complicit with the system.

  • Pet the Dog: Grandpa Willie advising Spencer never to give up fighting. It's probably the nicest thing he does in the series.

  • Rousing Speech: Spencer urges the Chargers to take the knee before the match, which is unanimously agreed.

  • Shout-Out: Simone references Invasion of the Body Snatchers when describing Jordan's mood.

  • Dynasty is once again referenced.

  • Trauma-Induced Amnesia: Billy doesn't remember beating up Carter because he was too consumed with grief after his mother's death.

  • Victorious Loser: Both the Chargers and Panthers take the knee to honor Tamika's death. This disqualifies them from the state championship, but they earn the respect of the society as a whole.

When Mob hears Reigen yelling for him in the background, he realizes that, like Tsubomi, his master has never judged Mob for his powers, either. Although the unhinged Mob knows that Reigen has no powers and is a con artist, the real Mob knows that Reigen has always treated him well despite the liar he may be. Reigen looks on in horror as he realizes he had no idea the true extent of the feelings Mob was holding in this whole time.

For the past few episodes of Titans Season 3, Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow has advanced his goals of taking over Gotham City in a big way. Most recently, a fight between his protege, Jason Todd/Red Hood, and Dick Grayson/Nightwing ended with the latter seemingly down for the foreseeable future. However, as Crane keeps winning, his psyche has become more and more fractured. In the latest episode of Titans, "Prodigal," Crane gets another big win, but loses a key ally in the process.

Back at the Batcave, Scarecrow continues his descent into madness, rambling incoherently to Jason. Soon, Scarecrow vows to kill everyone in Gotham, and Jason refuses to help him any longer. The two then fight. In the end, Jason escapes.

At the Drake restaurant in Chinatown, Tim Drake tells Donna Troy/Wonder Girl that Dick is dead, showing him photos as proof. This prompts the Drakes to look for another way out the city, though Tim claims he'll stay and fight. Donna then leaves, later returning with a heavily armored vehicle so they can escape the city.

After Starfire spills the whole truth about their powers, the two sisters seemingly patch things up, and Blackfire decides to return to Tamaran to claim the throne. However, Dr. Kind's research team accidentally destroyed her ship's fuel, which isn't available on Earth easily. Blackfire says Superboy will be able to make the fuel, but they argue about whether she should actually go. Blackfire, though, remains determined to go to Tamaran and live a whole life. The two kiss, and Superboy makes the fuel. However, when they start Blackfire's ship, it becomes apparent that Superboy sabotaged the fuel. The vehicle blows up, standing Blackfire on Earth.

At the Lazarus Pit, Raven talks about how love gave her the power to triumph over Trigon after Gar expresses his mixed feelings about his new powers. Raven then uses her magic to tap into Gar's feelings at the sight of Dick's dead body. She explains the bats found Gar because of his love for Dick. As their conversation ends, the Lazarus Pit starts bubbling.

As that's going on, Barbara Gordon is in police custody at the GCPD building. She pretends to be passed out in her wheelchair and ambushes the cop bringing her food. This lets her escape the cell. Soon, though, other GCPD officers start pursuing her, so she goes down to Oracle and starts reactivating the powerful program.

A little while later, a much-cooler Jack apologized to his son and daughter, saying he was tired. Kate and Randall forgave him. And then Jack started a goofy sequin fight with the kids, which Kevin eagerly jumped into when he and Rebecca return home.

Asajj Ventress leads a space battle against Republic forces commanded by Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Sullust system. Ventress singles out Kenobi and attacks him, damaging his fighter, whereupon she is in turn disabled by Skywalker. Both combatants crash in the hangar of the Separatist flagship.

Meanwhile, however, a conspiracy is brooding against Ventress' life. Darth Sidious confers with Count Dooku, expressing his concerns about Ventress' growing power, and orders his disciple to destroy her before she becomes too strong to handle, and Dooku, under the will of his master, is reluctantly forced to obey. When Ventress calls him for assistance, he abandons her for her supposed failure. Shaken and infuriated, Ventress viciously engages Anakin and Obi-Wan in lightsaber combat. The confrontation is interrupted by Dooku's order to have the flagship bombarded by the other Confederate ships to ensure her destruction; the combatants barely escape with their lives. Dooku then informs Sidious of Ventress' supposed demise. The Dark Lord is satisfied that Dooku's loyalty to him is intact.

Ventress is left floating in space in her nearly destroyed fighter until she is recovered by a scavenging crew, who intend to ransom her to her employers. Instead, they are all killed by Ventress, who commandeers their vessel and proceeds to the location of her old order, the Nightsisters, where Clan Mother Talzin has her tended to. In her feverish dreams, Ventress recalls how she was rescued from a slaver whom her mother sold her to and taken in by Jedi Knight Ky Narec as a child, her apprenticeship under him, his death and her descent into the dark Side, her being taken in by Dooku and his betrayal. Upon awakening, she swears an oath of revenge against her former master; Mother Talzin puts two of her finest warriors, Naa'leth and Karis, to assist her and provides her with the means of approaching and combating Dooku with the help of mystical invisibility potions and poisons.

Tony continues to see Gloria Trillo, even as her erratic behavior continues. She apologizes to him in the parking lot of Jennifer Melfi's office, but Tony reminds her that if she were a guy "I wouldn't have to tell you where you would be right now." Gloria apologizes and wants the relationship to work but Tony needs time to think. When he tells Dr. Melfi about his passionate love-and-hate relationship with Gloria, she dubs it "Amour Fou" - crazy love. Melfi then tells Tony that Gloria did love him. Tony decides to give the relationship another chance but when Gloria blows up at Tony when her tires get slashed, and he finds out that she drove Carmela home from Globe Motors after Carmela dropped off her Mercedes-Benz station wagon for service (and later called Carmela), he calls the relationship off permanently. During a heated argument with Gloria, he slaps her and she mockingly says, "Poor you", and that she should "...sit back like a mute". These are phrases that Livia used to say to Tony, and he suddenly realizes that she is a lot like his mother ("I've known you my whole fucking life"). Gloria also derides Carmela as a "goombah housewife" who puts up with anything in exchange for a big "gaudy" ring. When he goes for the door, Gloria threatens to tell Carmela about the affair if he leaves. Enraged, he attacks her, upending her dining room table and throwing her across the room. The fight continues and he begins to choke her. She begs him to kill her but he leaves instead.

Jackie Aprile, Jr. and his friend Dino Zerilli want to get ahead in life and become more than mere associates. After hearing Ralph Cifaretto's story of how Tony and Jackie Aprile, Sr. got on the fast track to getting made after robbing "Feech" La Manna's Saturday night card game, the two later spontaneously decide do the same during Eugene Pontecorvo's game, asking Carlo Renzi to join them, because he has a shotgun. Arriving at the spot, Jackie hesitates and tries to back out, even though he was the one who initiated the idea. But Dino convinces him to go through with it "before the crank wears off." The three don ski masks and enter the Aprile crew hangout where the poker game is taking place, but are alarmed when the players include some familiar faces: Christopher Moltisanti, Furio Giunta, and Ally Boy Barese. Carlo and Dino demand that the players give them their money and to be quiet while Jackie stays silent for fear his voice will be recognized. The dealer, "Sunshine", keeps heckling the would-be robbers and is shot and killed by a panicking Jackie. As the mobsters draw guns, a firefight breaks out: Furio is shot in the thigh by Jackie, and Christopher shoots Carlo in the forehead, killing him instantly. Matush, who is Jackie's getaway driver, abandons the robbers as soon as he hears the gunshots, and when Jackie and Dino flee into the street, Jackie resorts to carjacking a passing vehicle, deserting Dino, who is caught and executed by Ally Boy and Christopher. Furio is rushed to the office of Dr. Fried, a urologist, for a clandestine emergency operation. In the waiting room, Christopher warns Tony that he knows Jackie Jr. was the escaped robber and that he has to be killed. However, Tony seems troubled, due to his long history with Jackie Jr.'s father. 041b061a72


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