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Lizzo - 2 Be Loved

From high school flutist turned pop superstar Lizzo, here's a high-energy hit about self-confidence and accepting the love we deserve. A danceable '80s rock goove with plenty of unison and singable harmonies ask the question: "Am I ready to be loved?"

Lizzo - 2 Be Loved

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INTERRUPTING THE TRAVEL CONTENT FOR JUST ONCE to show you how working in music changed how i listen to music. these are songs that sound the same. ? an example of how my job ruined everyday life #songsthatsoundthesame #lizzo #musicindustry #wlw #similarsongs stitch with

She performed those last two at the VMAs, taking the stage alone, backed by only herself and dynamic optical illusion graphics. (Beyoncé Run the World (Girls)" performance reference, anyone?) Laughing and jumping, she finished with a little dance as she celebrated her moment to wild applause. (And if you were curious, Taylor Swift loved every second of it.) 041b061a72


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