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Udemy Blender 2.8 The Complete Guide From Beginner To Pro

نرم افزار بلندر (Blender) یکی از محبوبترین برنامه های کاربردی مدلسازی و ساخت انیمیشن به صورت سه بعدی است که با حفظ سادگی رابط کاربری و در عین حال ارائه ویژگی هایی نظیر مانند پنل قدرتمند و حرفه ای کاربرد آسان برای افراد مبتدی و حرفه ای امکان ویرایش ویدیو و ... امکان ساخت انیمیشن به صورت سه بعدی را فراهم می کند. Blender امکان ایجاد طیف گسترده ای از محتوای دو بعدی و سه بعدی در زمینه های گسترده ای از مدل سازی های مربوط به بافت متن نور انیمیشن ویدیو و Post Production را به شما ارائه می دهد. Blender از طریق معماری باز امکان همکاری cross-Platform قابلیت توسعه پذیری و ایجاد یک گردش کاری یکپارچه را برای بکارگیری در پروژه های فیلم انیمیشن و بازی سازی به وجود می آورد.در دوره آموزشی Udemy Blender 2.8 The complete guide from beginner to pr با آموزش کامل مقدماتی تا پیشرفته بلندر 2.8 اشنا خواهید شد.

Udemy Blender 2.8 The complete guide from beginner to pro

This is a complete training dedicated to learning the Blender 2.8 software. Blender 2.8 and a free 3D software and opensource.This complete training will allow beginners to discover the software entierely. Blender 2.7 users will find an opportunity to make the transition to the new version.This training is divided into 15 chapters that will allow you to progressively and consistently learn. Most of the chapters are punctuated with exercises to review the features covered and implement them. The source files are included in the training and allow you to understand the progress of a project.During the training we will produce in parallel a complete project to create a robot from modeling to animation, this project will allow you to apply the Blender functions learned in the course.From discover ring the software, to polygonal modeling, object mode, edit mode, different rendering engines, scene lighting, realistic material creation, texturing, digital sculpture, animation, simulations, compositing, all these notions will be addressed in this training and will allow you to progress in the software.

شرکت سازنده: یودمی / Udemyنام انگلیسی: Udemy Blender 2.8 The complete guide from beginner to prنام فارسی: آموزش کامل مقدماتی تا پیشرفته بلندر 2.8زبان آموزش: انگلیسیزیرنویس: نداردمدرس:Julien Devilleسطح آموزشی: مقدماتی, متوسطهزمان آموزش: 33 ساعت + 25 دقیقهحجم فایل: 36600 مگابایتتاریخ انتشار: 01:16 - 1398/10/24 2020.01.14منبع: پی سی دانلود / www.p30download.irامتیاز: 2.5/5

Blender is a popular, free, and open-source 3D creation suite. With its capacity to support a complete 3D pipeline, you can use Blender to do everything from modeling, rigging, and animation to simulation, rendering, compositing, and motion tracking.

This Udemy course is one of the best courses for Blender, especially if you are a complete beginner. The course is quite easy to follow and gives a brief overview about all of the most basic features of Blender.

This guy is the one you should be watching for when it comes to sculpting and painting . As everyone (including him) offers free courses about Blender for complete beginners guide, he also offers free sculpting courses which is his main content and also to add there is also Environmental design, game assets, character creation and texture painting that he also does on his youtube channel.

Udemy is an American online learning platform, founded in 2010, and most well known and widely used learning platform as of today. There are currently 50 million students worldwide, 35,000 instructors and overwhelming 100,000+ courses. A list of multiple courses about Blender can be found in their platform which is very essential for deeper learning in Blender. What can we expect for a paid course? It has crystal clear instructions and step by step to guide you to complete the courses that you bought. 350c69d7ab


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