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Don Bosco Film Con Flavio Insinna !NEW! Download

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Don Bosco Film Con Flavio Insinna !NEW! Download

Don Bosco: The Life of a Saint and a Teacher

Don Bosco is a 2004 Italian TV movie that tells the story of Saint Don Bosco, a priest who dedicated his life to helping the poor and abandoned youth of Turin in the 19th century. The movie stars Flavio Insinna as Don Bosco, Lina Sastri as his mother Margherita, Charles Dance as Marchese Clementi, a nobleman who supports his work, and Daniel Tschirley as Michele Rua, one of his first disciples. The movie was directed by Lodovico Gasparini and written by Saverio D'Ercole, Graziano Diana and Lodovico Gasparini.

The movie follows Don Bosco's life from his childhood in the countryside of Piedmont, where he had a precocious vocation and a vision of his mission, to his ordination as a priest and his arrival in Turin, where he encountered the harsh reality of the industrial city and its marginalized youth. He decided to open the first oratory, a place where he could feed, educate and love the boys who had no home, no family and no hope. He faced many difficulties and oppositions from the civil and ecclesiastical authorities, but he also found many friends and collaborators who shared his vision and helped him to expand his work. He founded the Salesian Society, a religious congregation of priests and brothers who followed his example and his motto: \"Give me souls, take away the rest\". He also founded the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, a female branch of his congregation, and the Association of Salesian Cooperators, a lay movement that supported his apostolate. He died in 1888, leaving behind a legacy of holiness and charity that inspired millions of people around the world.

Don Bosco is a movie that portrays the life of a saint with realism and emotion, showing his human qualities and his spiritual gifts. It also depicts the historical and social context of his time, highlighting the challenges and opportunities that he faced in his ministry. The movie has received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, earning a 7.6/10 rating on IMDb[^1^] and being available for streaming on RaiPlay[^2^]. It is a movie that can inspire anyone who wants to learn more about Don Bosco's life and message.Don Bosco was not only a saintly priest and a tireless educator, but also a man of extraordinary gifts and charisms. He performed many miracles of healing, prophecy, bilocation, and discernment of spirits, always attributing them to the intercession of Mary Help of Christians, his heavenly patroness and mother. He used his supernatural powers not to impress or amaze people, but to lead them to God and to his love.

One of the most remarkable miracles of Don Bosco was the healing of a blind girl named Maria Stardero in 1870. She had lost her sight two years earlier due to an eye disease that left her eyes without corneas. Don Bosco met her in his church in Turin and asked her if she wanted to see. She said yes, and he prayed with her to Mary Help of Christians, then blessed her and showed her a medal of Mary. To the astonishment of everyone present, the girl exclaimed that she could see and described the medal in detail. She then picked up the medal from a dark corner where it had fallen. Her sight was completely restored and remained so for the rest of her life[^1^].

Another miracle that Don Bosco performed was the multiplication of food and wine for his boys and guests. He often faced the problem of not having enough resources to feed his large family of orphans and students, but he never lost his trust in God's providence. He would tell his assistants to set the table as usual and pray with confidence. Then he would bless the food and wine and distribute them among the hungry boys. Miraculously, the food and wine would not run out until everyone was satisfied. This happened on several occasions, such as on Christmas Eve 1846, when he fed 80 boys with only two loaves of bread and two bottles of wine; or on June 29, 1859, when he fed


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